Our Security System Solutions

At Sectek, we know that keeping your family, team, and property secure is paramount for your peace of mind. That’s why we work to ensure that your security solution package is fit for purpose.

Each property and client will require a unique approach to provide the best possible level of safety for inhabitants and assets, so we consult with you to understand your goals and concerns. Then, we draw up a plan to ensure you get the service and installation package you need.

Whether you have a garage full of leisure vehicles, a business with valuable stock, or are looking to get a good night’s sleep knowing your family is being taken care of, we can help. Keeping you safe is what we do, and we don’t just set and forget when it comes to security; we run a full aftersales service and maintenance program for all our clients. If you are ready to protect what matters to you, get in touch today.

Already have a security system installed?

At Sectek, we approach your safety from a dynamic standpoint – because the industry is always evolving and levelling up. What may have been the best security solution for your residential or commercial property a few years ago has likely aged out. If you want to stay safe, it’s important to keep servicing, maintaining and upgrading your security as new developments emerge.

Tech equipment requires a regular maintenance schedule to continue producing the best results. At Sectek, we are happy to set up a quarterly maintenance appointment for you so you can be certain that your security package always functions as it should.

Didn’t get your security equipment from Sectek? No problem!

We are happy to consider maintaining or upgrading your current system—even if we didn’t supply or install it. Just get in touch for a chat, and we will ensure you are properly protected now and in the future.

We're all about ensuring your place is secure against intruders. Our speciality is setting up and maintaining state-of-the-art security systems that keep you and your valuable assets safe.
Stopping unwanted visitors before they get through the front door just makes good sense. Ask about cards, fobs, fingerprints and facial recognition software.
CCTV can form the backbone of an effective security system for your residential or commercial property. Gain access to digital storage of recordings.
Alarm monitoring is a 24/7 service provided by Sectek to ensure peace of mind for our clients. Get monitored alarms for fire and theft so you can sleep easy.
Fog cannons prevent theft and burglary by discharging a thick fog that is disorienting to intruders. The fog dramatically reduces visibility, making it almost impossible for them to see and take your valuable items.
Alongside excellent planning and installation, the Sectek team has the skills and experience to offer you professional service and maintenance.